Tennessee Legislature 2016
As Supported By Rep Sabi 'Doc' Kumar

   1. No Tax Increase
   2. Balanced Budget
   3. Veterans Tax Relief Restored
   4. Cut Hall Tax by 1% Each Year until it is 0.
​   5. Death Taxes eliminated.
   6. Grocery Tax cut by a cent (20%)
​   7. Budget Surplus managed judiciously
   8. $300 M to the State Rainy Day Fund
   9. $132 M to the State Road Building Fund
   10. $262 M Largest Ever Contribution to Education
   11. $200 M for Teacher Salary Raises 



              Sabi 'Doc' Kumar

Nashville Surgical Instruments located in Springfield, Tennessee

 " Dr. Kumar has taken the concept of an innovative

medical device that improves patient safety

from thought to a successful and useful product.

The Kumar Clamp permits the surgeon to know

the location of important bile ducts without chance of injury to these important structures in gallbladder surgery."

                                          Richard Vasquez, MD FACS

                                                                           Chicago, IL

 "Dr. Kumar and his staff treated my mother with respect  when she was in a difficult financial situation.

This was a blessing to us especially when we were facing a serious illness."

​                                                                      A Patient's Son

​Agriculture in Robertson County: An American Strength

Nashville Surgical Instruments Exhibit at the Annual Conference of 

The American College of Surgeons 

Phone: 615-384-2728

​  Sabi@SabiKumar.com

                     Tennessee House of Representatives - District 66 -  ROBERTSON COUNTY


"Aman is passing by a construction site. He asks a worker, "What are you doing?" 

The worker replies with a shrug, " Can't you see? I am laying block." The man moves on to another worker and asks the same question, "What are you doing?" That worker straightens up with pride and says, "I am building a Cathedral"

​                                                                                                          Anonymous

A job not only gives us a way to make a living but also gives us the ability to contribute to Society and a chance to help our fellow citizens.

"Jobs are created either by the government or by private business. When government creates a job, it is paid for by taxes or even worse, by borrowing. When private business creates a job, it is paid for by sale of a valuable product or service. Something of value is created.

                                                          Rep Sabi 'Doc' Kumar MD

Dr. Kumar will support and work to achieve: 

                                                                       A smaller government with

                                                                      Less regulation and 

                                                                      Lower taxes to allow

                                                                      Economic growth and development

Agriculture and Small Business are the pillars of Economic Growth.

​Robertson County is one of the largest Agricultural communities in Tennessee.

Dr. Kumar supports the Farmers of Robertson County. "They are my Friends, I am         always in touch with them", He says.

Dr. Kumar owns 2 small businesses in Robertson County.

The first is the surgical practice, Springfield Surgery PC. Although the purpose of a medical or surgical practice should be caring and healing of our patients, regulations have forced these to become businesses. Dr. Kumar has managed the business of medicine with compassion and concern for the patients.


​The 2nd business founded & developed by Dr. Kumar is Nashville Surgical Instruments,

​located in Robertson County. This company sells four surgical instruments invented and patented by Dr. Kumar. These instruments are used in gallbladder and hernia surgery.   These are sold in all 50 states, Canada and other countries.

More information is at www.NashvilleSurg.com


You can just google: the "Kumar Clamp" !!! It is used in gallbladder surgery.

​​​      "Development and management of these businesses has taught me a great deal

  about our economy and the secrets of success in business.

These same principles 

 should be used in the business of government," Dr. Kumar has said.