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​​                                                                                                  May 18, 2009

​To: The Editor

Robertson County Times

Springfield, TN

Dear Editor,

I came to this great country almost 40 years ago, with only $37 in my pocket. But I had something of far greater value. I had a medical degree. Over the years I have realized the great value of that education. It allowed me the privilege to serve this community. It has been a blessing to me and my family.When I come across a young high school graduate who is not interested or not planning to go to college, I ask them one question: Will you put in one more year in school if it will double your income for life? As you can imagine, most of these young people respond with attention.The fact is that an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) course will do exactly that. It will double a person's income for the rest of their life!  ​It takes one year of training. There is also further room for progress in this caring profession. Other similar options also exist. I write this letter to emphasize the importance of education in the lives of our young people. We should do everything possible to make higher education more easily available in our community. Certainly, more of our young people will enter higher education if it was available here than in the next county. We must vote for and support the beginning of our community college.

The benefits are many. Our distinguished mayor assures me that it will not cause an increase in city taxes. Austin Peay State University and Volunteer State Community College are both interested at this time. Our community leaders have worked to confirm this commitment.

Let us vote to make this dream come true for our young people.


​​Sabi Kumar MD FACS

Read Across America Day

Dr. Kumar and Mrs Linda

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                 "When you plan for a day, carry an umbrella,

                            When you plan for a year, plant a garden,

                            When you plan for a decade, plant trees,

                            When you plan for life, get an education                                                                                                                                                              Anonymous

"I am where I am in life, because of my education," Dr. Kumar has said,

"and because of what Mom did for me."

Dr. Kumar believes that it is the duty of our society to provide opportunities

for quality education to our children, especially, when they are

committed and willing to work hard for learning.

Dr. Kumar was an early and active supporter of

building the Highland Crest College Campus.

To the right is a letter written by Dr. Kumar and

published in the Robertson County Times

in May, 2009.

Dr. Kumar has supported local efforts for improvement of education

along with community projects including:

  •                 Robertson Reads, Imagination Library
  •                 Robertson Ed Initiative (REDI)
  •                 ​The Stokes Brown Library


Dr. Kumar has visited and worked with Teachers and Policy Makers to improve Quality and Availability of Education for All Students.

Dr. Kumar has spoken to Educators across the community and the Legislature.

He has discussed the unique similarities between Healthcare and Education.

The response from the Educators has been very positive.

  High School Graduations

Linda and I truly enjoy attending ALL of these Ceremonies in Robertson County.

I invite the New Graduates to come and spend a day ( or more) with me in Surgery if they are interested in a Healthcare profession


Educational Initiatives Supported By

                            Rep Sabi 'Doc' Kumar MD                               Tennessee Legislature 2016


       -​ Tennessee is the Fastest Improving State in Education

          Currently We are No. 34, up from No. 49

          Credit is to Our Students, Teachers and Parents!                                  

        Total Educational Expense is $10 B, 30% of the Budget. 

          $5.7 B is for K-12 & $4.2 B for Higher Ed

        Increased Investment in K-12 Education by $262 M,                     - Largest ever in the History of Our State 

        - $104 M for Well Deserved Raises in Teachers Salaries         

        $30 M to cover the 12th Month of Health Insurance

        - $300 M for Capital Improvements to University Campuses      

        - Tennessee Promise offers 2 year Free Community College            Education to All High School Graduates

        - HOPE Scholarships from the Lottery offer aid for 4 year                  degree.

        - Drive to 55 aims to Increase the Number of High School                 Graduates who enter College from 33% to 55%

        - TN ReConnect helps those with past College Credits to                  Return and Earn the Degree                                    


                     Tennessee House of Representatives - District 66 -  ROBERTSON COUNTY


  • We Both Entered our Professions because it was a Calling                                      

  • We both are Charged with Improving the Lives of People: Students or Patients.                        

  • Each Student and Each Patient Comes with their Own Set of Problems:                      The Student may have Slept in the Car last Night or gotten No Breakfast                He is not able to Concentrate or Learn                                                                      A Patient may have Inherited Disease or Poor Life Style Habits.                             

  • Our Time of Contact is Limited:                                                                                  A Student may Go Away for the Summer and Forget Everything Taught                A Patient may Leave the Hospital and Not Follow Instructions.                               
  • Our Amount of Influence is Limited:                                                                         A Student May Not Obey and Do Their Homework                                                   A Patient May not Change their Diet or Take the Medicine                                         
  • Our Performance is measured by Results: Test Scores & Graduation Rates                                                                                     Mortality & Infection Rates                      
  • Policy Makers want to Reward or Punish us Both,                                           based on Narrow Measurements of Results                                                               
  •  We are being treated as an Industry and not as a Profession


                                    ​The Similarities Are Remarkable

     "This perspective has given me a deep understanding of Education"

                                                          Dr. Sabi Kumar