A 2016 Update
Re-Elect Rep Sabi 'Doc' Kumar


It has been my Honor to Serve as

Your State Rep

in the 109th General Assembly. 

 I am Grateful for

Your Love and Support!

            I did not have Opposition in the                  August 4 Republican Primary Election. 


Thank you for the 3,482 Votes!

I do have a Democrat Opponent

in the November 8, 2016 General Election. 

Early Voting is  Oct 19 - Nov 3, 2016

I ask for your Vote  and Support!!!


                                                      Sabi 'Doc' Kumar


     " I have personally designed, written and typed

all content on this website.
I felt that I was writing a letter to you.
It is from the heart.
I have enjoyed the time as I put my thoughts together  on the critical issues of our time.

I look forward to your input and response."

                                      Sabi Kumar MD

The Web Builder SabiKumar.com

Serving as Your State Rep

is My Way To Give Back To the Community

That Has Given Me Everything.

So I accept no Expense Money from the State.


I Donate The Salary That I Receive,

To The Local Charities

That I Have Always Supported.

  As your State Representative     in the Tennessee Legislature I, Dr. Sabi Kumar, will commit daily to serve your needs for economic development, quality 
education and improved health care options for everyone.

Phone: 615-384-2728

​  Sabi@SabiKumar.com

                     Tennessee House of Representatives - District 66 -  ROBERTSON COUNTY

"I Love Taking Care of My Patients. I AM NOT RETIRING"

Dr. Sabi Kumar

​Dr. Kumar and his Office Staff  have examined the Legislative Schedule.

Dr. Kumar can serve as Your State Rep and continue to serve his patients just as always.