A n Introduction

Dr. Kumar is a General, Vascular and Endoscopic Surgeon. He has practiced in Springfield TN since 1977.
He received his surgical training at the University of Miami School of Medicine and Mt Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida, including a Fellowship in Transplantation. 
Dr. Kumar has been married to his wife Linda since 1981!
Their Daughter Nina is an attorney.

Inventor & Entrepreneur

Dr. Kumar is a problem solver in life, just as he has done in the surgical operating room.
He holds three patents for surgical devices invented by him.  These solve critical surgical problems. 
These surgical devices are sold to hospitals, surgeons and surgery centers in all 50 states and abroad through Nashville Surgical Instruments, a company located in Springfield, TN. 

​ Sabi 'Doc' Kumar       Tennessee State Representative - District 66 - Robertson County


A Surgeon Caring for People

​       Dr Sabi 'Doc' Kumar has practiced surgery in Robertson County since 1977. During these years,        

Dr. Kumar has had the privilege of very personal contact with about 50 patients a week. That is over 100,000 patient contacts! These have been very positive contacts and considering that a lot of these contacts were repeated, Dr. Kumar knows his patients as people. Dr. Kumar believes that caring for people is a blessing from God.

T hanks Be to God!​​

Dr. Kumar, wife Linda and daughter Nina are long time members of the First United Methodist Church in Springfield. Nina grew up in the church and is now a member of the Church Council and the

Board of Trustees. Nina's commitment to her hometown church is strong. 
Linda has served as the Sunday School Class President and has been active in community projects.
Dr. Kumar teaches a Sunday School Class on the 2nd Sunday of each month. He believes that he has learned by teaching, "I compare this experience to growing up in the Church."


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