Sabi 'Doc' Kumar


Phone: 615-384-2728


                     Tennessee House of Representatives - District 66 -  ROBERTSON COUNTY

Rep Sabi Doc Kumar addressing the House on 

St Patrick's Day

wearing the button: "Honorary Irishman"!

​​​​​"To Love another person is to see the face of God"

                                                                                          Les Misrables

Caring for People

Dr Sabi Kumar has practiced surgery in Robertson County since 1977. During these 39 years, 

Dr. Kumar has had the privilege of very personal contact with about 50 patients a week. That is over 90,000 contacts! These have been very positive contacts and considering that a lot of these contacts were repeated, Dr. Kumar knows his patients as people. Dr. Kumar believes that caring for people is a blessing from God.                 

Love of Church

Dr. Kumar, wife Linda and daughter Nina are long time members of the First United Methodist Church in Springfield. Nina grew up in the church and is now a member of the Church Council and the Board of Trustees. Nina's commitment to her hometown church is strong.

Linda has served as the Sunday School Class President and has been active in community projects.

Dr. Kumar teaches a Sunday School Class every 2nd Sunday of each month. He believes that he has learned by teaching, "I compare this experience to growing up in the Church."

Serving as Your State Representative

The desire to serve the people of Robertson County is a most natural response from Dr. Kumar for all the blessings he has received.

"It is my way to give back to the community," Dr. Kumar has said.

Dr. Kumar returns the Expense Allowance to the State.

He Donates his Salary to Local Charities that he has always supported.

Capitol Watch

Dr. Kumar has served in the Tennessee State Legislature House of Representatives with Pride and Distinction since 2015. "l represent the people and the needs of Robertson County strongly", he has said.​​

He has been a valuable member of the Health and Education Committees."My colleagues in the Legislature and on the Health and Education Committees have been very kind and most receptive. They have valued my input, perspective and knowledge of the issues."

Legislative contributions are listed under each category.

"To The Voters of District 66

For over a decade, we have had the pleasure of belonging to the same Sunday School Class

that Sabi & Linda Kumar attend.

Sabi teaches every 2nd Sunday and

his research and preparation is always impeccable.

He presents intelligent, well thought out lessons

in a way that encourages discussion.

 These are exactly the traits we want in  

Our State Representative.

We highly recommend Dr. Sabi Kumar"

                                             George & Brenda Pickard