Dr Kumar has said, "Education changes Lives! I am where I am in life, certainly, because of my education.....and what mom did for me!"
He has supported and will continue to support policies that provide the best education for all students in Tennessee. He has worked to provide the Largest Ever Increases in funding for Public Education and Teacher Salaries. These policies have moved Tennessee from number 49 to 34 in the NAEP rankings. We are also the fastest improving state in the nation!
Because each student learns differently and each family has different needs, Dr. Kumar supports parental School choice. 
Safety of our children in schools is paramount and must be assured.

Mrs. Linda's Dad served in the US Army and the Air Force! We have the greatest respect for our veterans. It has been our honor to know the Robertson County Veterans groups. They have served our nation and they continue to serve our community today with volunteer efforts and by helping each other in a brotherhood of patriots! We are the Land of the Free because of the Brave! God Bless!


                                                                 Legislative Office                                                                                                    

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 Because Each Issue can be the Most Important One to a Particular Constituent, these are Listed Alphabetically


Dr Kumar immigrated to this country in 1970. A treasured Birthday gift from his daughter Nina, is a coffee mug that says, "Making America Great Again since 1970".
Certainly America is the Land of Liberty and Lady Liberty beckons immigrants, the process must be legal and laws must be enforced.

Dr Kumar believes in a small efficient government that responds to the needs of citizens. Government should not be intrusive in our lives. Government cannot solve all problems but it should empower the citizens, civic organizations, non profit and faith-based initiatives to tackle societal needs and ills.

Taxes and Budgets
Dr. Kumar is a fiscal conservative. He insists on Low Taxes and Balanced Budgets. He has worked to cut Death Taxes and the Hall Income tax. "I am proud that our fiscal state is strong , with AAA Bond ratings, funded pension plans and a Rainy Day Fund over a billion dollars!

Health Care
Dr. Kumar has noted, "American health care is of the highest quality in the world. Our delivery system is inequitable. We need to make it available to Americans at a reasonable cost." 
With over 40 years in Health Care, Dr. Kumar understands the needs of the patient, the doctor, the hospital and the insurance industry. 
Dr. Kumar has been the Chairman of the Mental Health & Substance Abuse Subcommittee of the Tennessee House of Representatives. He has worked towards many health care initiatives including Direct Primary Care, Volunteer Health Care, 3-Star Healthy Project Task Force, Continuity of Care, Balance Billing Solutions, Epi Allergy Shot Availability in Public Places, Opioid epidemic control, Sobriety Monitors. 

​ Sabi 'Doc' Kumar       Tennessee State Representative - District 66 - Robertson County


Our Values reflect our Character and our Commitment to God Almighty! This is very important to Tennesseans.
Pro-Life: Over 40 years ago, Dr. Kumar took the Hippocratic Oath when he graduated from medical school. He embraced a Culture of Life. He believes that The Hippocratic Oath is not for the Medical profession only. It is an instruction for humanity. He supports SJR 127, a constitutional amendment to eliminate abortion and cut funding to Planned Parenthood.
Religious Liberty: Dr. Kumar believes that all Americans should be free to choose and follow their faith. Nobody should be forced to break their covenant with God. He admires those who stand for their beliefs. 
He supports the freedom of student religious groups to organize freely in schools and universities.
Marriage: Dr. Kumar believes in the traditional definition of marriage as do the overwhelming majority of  Tennesseans.  

Robertson County Values: Love of God, Love of Life, Love of Country.

Medical Marijuana
Dr Kumar believes that if Medical Marijuana, also called Medical Cannabis, helps a patient, they should have it! But the evidence that it helps them, should be based on science and not social media.

Medical Marijuana, approved by the FDA, in the form of synthetic, plant-extract or combination is already available.

Patients can have it by a doctor's prescription. It is available as a pill, liquid or spray. It is pure, tested and exact in dose.

Yes, it gives a 'high', too!

Only a licensed physician can prescribe it. This is the true and safe form of "medical marijuana" in which there is a physician - patient relationship and medical supervision of a patient's condition.
It is of concern, however, that  many users still want it in the ‘smoke’ and ‘vape’ form. This form of marijuana or cannabis, sold by dispensaries is not approved by the FDA. It cannot, therefore be physician supervised.